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Item # 1019472, G-2130 Crosby® Bolt Type Anchor Shackles

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  • Working Load Limit permanently shown on every shackle
  • Forged-Quenched and Tempered with alloy pins
  • Capacities 1/3 thru 150 metric tons
  • Look for the Red Pin® the mark of genuine Crosby quality
  • Shackles 55 metric tons and smaller can be furnished proof tested with certificates to designated standards, such as ABS, DNV, Lloyds, or other certification. Charges for proof testing and certification available when requested at the time of order
  • Shackles 85 metric tons and larger can be provided as follows:
      - Non-Destructive Tested
      - Serialized Pin and Bow
      - Material Certification (Chemical) Certification must be requested at time of order
  • Hot Dip Galvanized or Self-Colored
  • Fatigue rated
Bolt type anchor shackles within head bolt-nut with cotter pin. Meets the performance requirements of Federal Specification RR-C-271D Type IVA, Grade A, Class 3, except for those provisions required of the contractor.

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Hot Dipped Galvanized

Nominal Size (inches)


Working Load Limit (Ton)1


Weight each (lbs)

0.79 lbs

Tolerance for Dimension C

±0.13 inches

Tolerance for Dimension A

±0.06 inches

Federal Specification

RR-C-271D Type IVA, Grade A, Class 3
1 Maximum Proof Load is 2.0 times the Working Load Limit. Minimum Ultimate Strength is 6 times the Working Load Limit

Dimensional Specifications

Dimension A

0.81 inches

Dimension B

0.64 inches

Dimension D

0.50 inches

Dimension E

1.31 inches

Dimension F

1.19 inches

Dimension H

3.28 inches

Dimension L

2.31 inches

Dimension N

0.50 inches

Application Information
    Read this before using shackles

    G-213 and G-215 Shackles are also called Round Pin Shackles. Round pin shackles are used for tie down, towing, suspension or lifting applications where the load is strictly applied in-line.

    G-209 and G-210 Shackles are also called Screw Pin Shackles or Screw Pin Anchor Shackles. Screw Pin Shackles can be used in any application where a round pin shackle is used. In addition, screw pin shackles can be used in applications involving side-loading circumstances. Reduced working load limits are required for side loading applications. While in service, do not allow the screw pin to be rotated by a live line, such as a choker application.

    G-2130, G-2150 and G-2140 Shackles are also called Bolt-Type Shackles or Safety Anchor Shackles. These types of shackles have a bolt, nut and cotter-type pin to secure the nut. Bolt-Type Shackles can be used in any application where round pins or screw pin shackles are used. In addition, they are recommended for permanent or long-term installations and where the load may slide on the shackle pin causing the pin to rotate.

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